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Meet Hashtag! Red eared sliders are hardy and fascinating pets. These aquatic turtles can live for 20+ years with proper care. They require an appropriately sized tank and UVB light/heat in order to thrive. Most red eared sliders tolerate handling, but need little hands on attention and are ideal for homes that prefer a more independent pet. They are also a great option for homes with allergies...
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Little Gecko, what a dear! Gecko shared his previous home with a number of other like-sized dog friends and may appreciate the opportunity to do so again! Because of his hesitancy making new friends and his need to request some space when feeling ove...
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24 inch x 36 inch tortoise enclosure, needs new bottom, but otherwise is still in good working condition. My tortoise outgrew the box so there are some claw scratches on the inside from him trying to escape. Asking $20 OBO
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Size: 6 to 12 inches in length. Life expectancy: 20-40 years Group or solo: Sliders are fine solo. They can be housed together if the following guidelines are followed; turtles are similar in size, monitor feeding to ensure all turtles are getting enough, have an extra-large or multiple basking stations, increase the enclosure size by 20 gallons minimum for each additional turtle. Diet: Sliders...
over a month agoBoulder, CO+21 milesReptilesWantedReport Listing
Hi all! I live in the Boulder Colorado area. I have set up a tortoise enclosure for a small tortoise friend. I would prefer a greek, Russian, or herman. Any suggestions on where I can find one in Colorado, or if there are any breeders in colorado?
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